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Double Bass Pickups

We have a lot of experience when it comes to amplification, we offer a select range of double bass pickups including The Realist, Wilson.

  • £ 188.00 each

    David Gage Realist - Original copperhead model

    Consists of a thin, flexible piezo film that fits between a bridge foot and the top of the instrument. The copper foil unit is approximately 1.53mm thick.

  • £ 190.00 each

    David Gage Realist - Lifeline for Adjustable Bridge

    The element of the pickup wedges between the adjuster and wood of your adjustable bass bridge. The two arms of the spade straddle the post of the adjuster. Standard size spade fitting gap 65mm.

  • £ 600.00 each

    Wilson K4 Pickup

    The K4 Wilson Pickup for 4-stringed bass is the professional choice, providing the very best amplified acoustic sound one can possibly get. The only pickup on the market, with individual volume adjusting of each string.

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